Invisalign® Treatment: Process, Cost & Aftercare Tips

Invisalign® Treatment: Process, Cost & Aftercare Tips

February 3, 2022

What is Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign treatment is an innovative teeth-straightening technique available for both adults and teenagers. The treatment is provided by your dentist, who liaises with Invisalign technicians. Here is more on orthodontic treatment using Invisalign® in Fairfax, VA.

Process of Invisalign Treatment

Below is a rundown of the Invisalign process:


The first step for people interested in Invisalign treatment is consulting a dentist. Contact the dentist near you offering the treatment. This dentist will ascertain your suitability for Invisalign. Your ability and willingness to comply with the given instructions are also checked.

Creating a Treatment Plan

The dentist will work with you to create a customized treatment plan. It is based on your needs and dental health goals. First, the dental team takes digital x-rays and an impression of your teeth then sends them to the Invisalign laboratory. At the lab, Invisalign technicians input the information into state-of-the-art computer technology. Then, they determine how your teeth will move towards their proper positions and create a series of suitable trays.

Waiting for Aligners

The aligners take some time to be customized at the Invisalign dental lab. The technicians will consult your dentist about adjustments needed. It may take about a month for your aligners to be custom-made to your specifications.

Wearing the Devices

Once your aligners are ready, your dentist will instruct you on putting them on and their care. Each set is worn for two weeks and then switched for the next one in the series. Your dentist will closely monitor your treatment progress. It ensures that your teeth move according to plan. Then, any changes needing to be made in the course of treatment are made.

Refining your Smile

After wearing your last tray, you may need further adjustments to refine your smile. Our dentist in VA will inspect your teeth to determine if they are as planned. If not, the dentist will get back in touch with Invisalign for refinement trays.

Maintaining the Perfect Smile

Retainers are needed after treatment is completed to help maintain your new smile. The retainers look like the Invisalign trays but are thicker and worn longer.

Invisalign Treatment Cost

The cost of treatment using Invisalign braces is not fixed. It is dependent on factors such as:

The Complexity of Your Treatment

Mild teeth misalignment issues take a shorter time to treat than severe misalignment. Therefore, treating mild cases costs less compared to severe cases. Severe teeth and jaw misalignments need more dental visits and supplies to complete. It translates to higher costs.

Dental Office Location

Where you live determines the cost of treatment. Rent and utilities cost more in cities or big towns. Patients in urban and suburban areas may have to dig deeper into their pockets than those in rural areas.

Aftercare Provided

After complete treatment, teeth may naturally shift to their previous positions. To prevent the change, the dentist will recommend wearing retainers. These retainers have different costs based on the type and duration of wearing them. The cost of adjustments required after treatment also determines the overall cost.

Dentist Expertise and Experience (Invisalign Tiers)

Invisalign recognizes and awards dentists who work with them. A dentist that completes several Invisalign treatments successfully advances into higher tiers. The higher you are, the more discount you get on Invisalign production and design fees. Our Drummond Dental Care dentist passes these savings to you, providing reasonable-priced treatments.

Some other dentists take advantage of their experience and tier levels to increase the treatment cost. A few ones without experience may lower their prices to attract customers. Compare the cost of Invisalign treatment offered by experienced dentists. It will help you choose a dentist in VA that provides the most reasonable cost of treatment.

Invisalign Treatment Aftercare

As pointed out earlier, you must wear Invisalign retainers after completing your treatment. The retainers are made of similar plastic material to the aligners. Yet, some may contain a thin wire on the inside surfaces. They are removable and worn as recommended by the dentist. You should care for the retainers by cleaning them often and taking them off when eating or drinking.

Your new smile may look perfect but is not immune to dental decay, staining or damage. Ensure that you maintain proper oral hygiene. Wear a mouthguard while participating in sports. They protect your teeth from dental trauma. After Invisalign® in Fairfax, VA, the dentist will instruct you on the aftercare.

If you are looking for Invisalign® in Merrifield, VA & Fairfax, VA, you can call or book an appointment with Drummond Dental.

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