What Are Dental Implants & Why Is it Important?

What Are Dental Implants & Why Is it Important?

August 1, 2020
The oral cavity houses the teeth. Apart from the distinct function of chewing your food, the teeth have other aesthetic values too. Be it helping you to pronounce distinctly or to boost your self-esteem. The teeth have no alternative. With regular usage, the deterioration in the quality and standard of your teeth is inevitable. Even you might need to replace your teeth lost due to dental trauma or due to some ailment.

The Need to Replace Missing Teeth

Although dentists in Fairfax can help you replace a dilapidated or broken tooth, the problem with a dental gap is kore than just the aesthetic importance. You need to get your chipped tooth replaced to restore your teeth lost functionality and protect the health of the neighboring teeth. Before you smile again at a gathering with the dental gap, you can consider the reasons for filling the dental gaps.

#1: Protecting the Neighboring Teeth

Each of your teeth performs its task and also work in unison when you chew your food. Losing your teeth can put extra stress on the neighboring teeth, and they are forced to handle the additional burden. A dental gap can also contribute to an unbalanced bite and might cause cuts in your cheek or tongue. Such an unbalanced bite if persists for a more extended period can cause TMJ disorders.

#2: Healthy Jawbone

The roots of your teeth can stimulate the regeneration of healthy bones. Once you lose teeth, the root of the teeth also cannot reach the jawbones and cannot increase their health. Without the root of the teeth, the jawbones start to deteriorate and can cause the neighboring teeth to become week.

#3: Restoration of Lost Function

Even a single lost tooth can hinder your regular eating habit. You might loose on the nutrition from foods like vegetables or meat as it might hurt too much to chew with the remaining teeth.

#4: Self-confidence

If you lack those teeth and smile with visible dental gaps, it can dent your confidence. With unsightly teeth, you might face the anxiety in social situations and might suffer from isolation. Strong and teeth resembling natural ones can often help you to gain confidence.

Tooth Replacement Options

Dentist in Merrifield can provide you with different too replacement options, but dental implants offer better results than the contemporary dental implants as dentures or dental bridges.

#1: Improved Chewing

The removable dentures can restore only about 10 % of your chewing ability. On the contrary, dental implants serve as a substitute for your natural teeth and enable you to chew properly.

#2: Easy Speaking

Dentures can cause your speech to slur and slip inside your mouth. Dentures retain the speech and can even help to improve it.

#3: Low Maintenance

Dental implants can last for long and do not require regular maintenance. The dentures need replacement every three to five years. Maintaining good oral hygiene can make your implants last for a lifetime. Dentists in Fairfax, VA, can guide you on maintaining oral health.

#4: Improves Oral Health

Dental implants are permanent solutions to lost teeth and can last a lifetime. The dental implants serve as a replacement to your natural tooth and can stimulate the growth of your jawbones and maintain its integrity. On the contrary, the dental bridges or dentures act like esthetic solution and are placed on the top of your gum. Such dental replacements deteriorate your jawbone health and can degrade the jaws in due course.

#5: The Innovative Approach

With dentures and dental bridges, you get a three-teeth solution of a particular tooth loss. Bridges can be placed in a dental gap by involving the adjacent teeth. The dental implants are fixed into the jawbones and are a standalone solution to your missing teeth.

Types of Implants

Based on your need and state of the jawline, the dentist can guide you with the dental implant that is best suited. You can search for a “dentist near me” to get dental clinics to undergo implants. The conventional implants are embedded within the jawbone, while the zygomatic implants are embedded into the cheekbones when you do not have substantial jawbones. We, at Drummond Dental Care, have a pool of experienced dentists and trained staff who are dedicated to providing urgent dental care. Contact us today for a consultation.
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