Cosmetic Dentist in Merrifield, Fairfax, VA
Cosmetic Dentist in Merrifield, Fairfax, VA

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry refers to the aesthetic field of dentistry. The goal of all cosmetic dentistry procedures is to restore the natural beauty of a patient’s smile. Our dentist in Merrifield, VA, can help:

  • whiten discolored teeth
  • correct misshapen teeth
  • repair chipped teeth
  • replace missing teeth

What Procedures Are Included In Cosmetic Dentistry?

As a broad field within dentistry, cosmetic dentistry includes a number of different procedures. A few common ones are:

  • Teeth Bonding: which can help change tooth color or close gaps
  • Contouring: which can help straighten crooked teeth
  • Dental Veneers: which can change the color of teeth
  • Teeth whitening and whitening: which can lighten teeth’s color
  • Dental bridges and implants: which can replace lost or extracted teeth

Before settling on any procedure, Dr. Drummond, cosmetic dentist near you, always discusses the options that the patient may have as far as any dental treatment is concerned. He asks about their concerns and explains the various cosmetic treatments available and how they might help. There are many different cosmetic dentistry approaches available, and Dr. Drummond’s professional experience helps find the right treatment for every unique smile.

Why is Cosmetic Dentistry Important?

Cosmetic dentistry acknowledges that beauty does matter. Mouths aren’t just for chewing and talking, but they’re also for smiling, and smiling is important. For patients, our cosmetic dentist in Fairfax, VA, can help restore both beauty and confidence. After all, when people look their best, they often feel great too.

Who is a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Dentistry?

Anyone who is uncomfortable with the way their teeth look might benefit from talking with a cosmetic dentist. Some specific issues that a cosmetic dentist near you in Merrifield, VA, might be able to help with include coffee stains, smoking stains, and teeth that reverted to their original position after braces. These are just a few examples of issues that esthetic procedures might fix, though. Because many different procedures fall under the umbrella of cosmetic dentistry, many people stand to benefit from at least one of the available treatment options. Prosperity Ave, Merrilee Dr., Merrifield, Dunn Loring, Mantua, and Falls Church, Tysons Corner, Antrim, Tysons Corner, Antrim, and Vienna.

Visit Our Cosmetic Dentist Near You

Those still searching ‘cosmetic dentistry near me but still haven’t been able to find one, here’s something- schedule an online appointment with our cosmetic dentist near you now. Services are not restricted to just one location but also available in other locations including Prosperity Ave, Merrilee Dr., Merrifield, Dunn Loring, Mantua, Falls Church, and Vienna.

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