Root Canal vs Tooth Extraction: Their Advantages, and Disadvantages

Root Canal vs Tooth Extraction: Their Advantages, and Disadvantages

August 1, 2022

When you’re suffering a serious tooth infection, there are two potential treatment choices – a root canal or tooth extraction. Both procedures are well-known ways of treating tooth decay. But everyone has their own unique set of advantages and disadvantages.

Typically, root canal and extraction are terms that get combined when they are two completely different oral surgeries. Here we will offer a short guide to help you find the differences between the two.

What is Root Canal?

Root Canal is called endodontic therapy. Root canal therapy refers to a dental treatment where your dentist or endodontist removes the bacteria infecting the pulp or the nerve chamber of the tooth.

A root canal is a therapy used to repair and save a tooth that has got badly infected or harmed. Common causes of pulp damage and reasons behind root canals include:

  • A broken or chipped tooth.
  • Dental rotting from a cavity.
  • An injury to your tooth.
  • Multiple dental methods on one tooth.

A root canal is an effective method for eliminating infection and getting a naturally functioning tooth.

What is a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extractions are another common way to treat serious tooth decay. Unlike RCT, tooth pulling does not restore the tooth. Instead, the process eliminates it from the mouth. By eliminating the tooth, the decay also gets removed.

In addition to complicated situations, you require surgery. Surgical extractions utilize local and IV sedation as the specialist enters the gum to eliminate the tooth before shutting it down with stitches.

Root Canal v/s Tooth Extraction

While the two techniques will fix your tooth, dental specialists at our dental clinic in Fairfax generally suggest a root canal first. Root canals can be inexpensive, quicker, and simple than the other option. Besides this, abstaining from paying for an implant or managing moving teeth, a root canal is the best approach later.

Advantages of Root Canal V/s an Extraction

When weighing root canal versus tooth extraction, a root canal treatment near you does have some advantages over tooth extraction in the long run:

  • One of the main advantages of a root canal is that it keeps the smile just the way it was initially.
  • Another benefit is that you will not need to stress over problems such as bone loss.
  • Also, root canals are a straightforward procedure that rarely brings about disappointments and are substantially less painful than extraction.
  • The dental professional suggests a root canal because it saves the natural tooth. While having one’s tooth extracted may appear like a simple and fast choice, a root canal has advantages over tooth extraction.
  • It keeps your teeth as it is, keeping your natural smile. RCT also improves the biting ability.
  • Overall, a root canal with advanced dental methods is simple, saves your time, and has a high achievement rate.
  • The main disadvantage in choosing an extraction is you need to replace your teeth as soon as possible to prevent any issues related to a missing tooth.
  • A root canal is one-way dentists maintain your smile natural and healthy. You’ll continuously function better when you can keep your teeth as natural as possible.

Disadvantages of a Root Canal V/s an Extraction

  • Tooth extraction removes the pain and infection as your dentist eliminates your broken tooth.
  • The costs of root canal therapy are higher, pulling off a tooth cost is usually less costly and does not need extra dental services after the extraction.

Which One You Should Choose?

When discussing whether you should have a root canal versus extraction, everything comes down to the condition of your tooth. If the general structure of the tooth is still strong, then a root canal is for you. But, if the tooth’s structure is not healthy and flawless, then you should have an extraction.

In the Need of a Root Canal or a Tooth Extraction?

Still need more information about – tooth pulling or RCT? Converse with our team today about the choices that are available for you. Your dental health is our need. Our priority is to guarantee your procedure goes as comfortably and as smoothly as possible. Contact Drummond Dental Care Today or call us to schedule an appointment for tooth extraction or root canal in Fairfax, VA!

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