Myths Surrounding Root Canal Treatment

Myths Surrounding Root Canal Treatment

October 1, 2021

Root canals therapy which is also known as endodontic therapy is a dental procedure performed to get rid of infection from the inside of a tooth. It involves removing clearing out all the soft tissues in the pulp of a tooth to help relieve pain associated with infection as well as prevent the toot from future infections. To better understand this, you first have to know how the tooth structure looks like.

The tooth consists of the crown which is visible above the gums and the roots which are usually hidden below the gum line and attach to the jawbone. Inside the center of the tooth is hollow part that forms the root canal which is filled with pulp. Tooth pulp consists of the nerves, blood vessels and other soft tissues and usually extends out to into the surrounding bone. A tooth may have more than one root canal but every tooth must have at least one.

When is Root Canal Therapy Needed?

Root canal treatment in Ellicott City, MD, is necessary if it has been determined that the pulp is infected or inflamed. The cause of the infection could be anything from a deep decay to having large filling or a tooth injury. The goal of the treatment is to relieve the patient from the pain associated with the infection while saving the tooth.

Myths About Root Canal Therapy

A survey carried out by the American Association of Endodontists shows that of all dental procedures, most people fear root canals the most. The saddest thing is that all the fear and anxiety is founded from false or incorrect information about the procedure. Some of the things about endodontic therapy that dentists in Ellicott City, MD, consider myths include:

  • It Is Very Painful

Dentistry has evolved over the years and today the technology is better and so are the sedation options. The procedure is performed under anesthesia and therefore you will not feel any pain as it is being done. You might only experience a little discomfort after, and a tugging feeling when the canal is being cleaned out. So, while an infected root canal in itself is painful, the therapy does not add any more pain to what you are already feeling. It actually relieves you from the pain you were in. For the discomfort experienced after the treatment, your dentist may prescribe some pain relievers as well as anti-inflammatory drugs.

  • It Causes Other Illnesses

This myth is supported by out of date science that was propelled in 1920’s by a dentist who was at the time short of medical resources to run a proper research. There is also the thought that the procedure introduces more bacteria into the mouth, which is by far not true. While accumulation of bacteria in the mouth can trigger other secondary illnesses like arthritis and heart disease. root canal therapy actually reduces the number of bacteria lingering in your mouth through removal of the extracted pulp. A successful root canal treatment actually prevents the bacteria from spreading to other parts of the body like neck or head and also prevents tooth loss and associated complications like bone loss.

  • Pulling Out the Tooth Is A Better Option

At Excel Dental Care in Ellicott City, MD, dentists acknowledge that nothing matches the strength and quality of your natural teeth and therefore a lot of effort is put to ensure a tooth is only removed when it is the only viable option available. Also keep in mind that extracting a tooth requires follow up with a restorative treatment such as implants or dentures. Failing to replace an extracted tooth again puts you at risk of other dental complications like bone loss or teeth shifting.

Your search in Ellicott City for a dentist near you ends at Excel Dental Care. The clinic serves the following surrounding areas: Woodstock, Catonsville, Columbia, Elkridge, Centennial Park, Baltimore National Pike, West Friendship and Marriottsville. We provide quality and painless root canal near you and also take the time to properly educate patients so that they are also able to make informed decisions about their dental health.

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