Gum Grafting for Your Gum Recession Correction

Gum Grafting for Your Gum Recession Correction

March 8, 2021

Gum recession is an aspect that should be controlled at every cost. In the event that the tissues that surround the teeth has pulled away from the tooth to the extent that more of the features of the teeth that are often covered by the gum is visible, then you need the services or a dentist. Gum recession often goes unnoticed until the situation worsens thus the need to contact a dentist. If you are in Fairfax, then you need to contact dentist in Fairfax or contact Emergency Dentist in 22031 in case you have noticed some gum recession for a gum grafting procedure.

Gum grafting is a procedure that is commonly used to improve the gums health to correct gum recession or to simply improve how you look. Dentist in Merrifield specifically dentist Fairfax can comfortably conduct the procedure and correct your situation if you contact Emergency Dentist in 22031. Gum grafting is a surgical procedure that is simply. I know surgical procedures come causes a chill in most patients but before you shy away from it, get to understand how the procedure is conducted to know its simplicity and understand why it should not be a cause of worry.

Gum tissue graft: The procedure

When you visit any of the dentists Fairfax, you should expect any of the following process from the dentist in Merrifield during the grafting process. The graft tissue employed will depend on your specific needs based on your condition.

Connective tissue graft

This is one of the common methods that you should expect during the process. The process involves cutting of a flap of the skin at the roof of the mouth or palate and a tissue that is under the flap or the subepithelial connective tissue is extracted. These parts are then stitched to the gum tissue to cover the exposed root of the teeth. The flap that was cut is then stitched back up after the connective tissue or the graft has been removed from the palatal flap.

Free gingival grafts

This process also involved the connective-tissue graft whereby in this case, the gingival graft is used. The gingival graft is derived from the root of the mouth but the process does not make a flap and remove the tissue under the top layer of the flesh. Instead, the procedure a small amount of the tissue is derived directly from the top of the mouth and is stitched to the area of the gum that is to be corrected. This method is suitable in situations whereby the patient has thin gums and they need to have additional tissues involves to enlarge their gums.

Pedicle grafts

The procedure involves gum grafting that is around or close to the tooth that is to be repaired rather than using tissue that is derived from the palate. The process involves the cutting away of the flap or the pedicle to ensure that the edge is attached. The dentist will then pull over or down the gum to cover the part that is exposed and the section sewed to cover the root. However, the procedure is possible only in cases where the patient has plenty of gum tissue located near the tooth that is to be corrected.

There are other situations whereby dentists and patients will use graft materials that is derived from a tissue bank instead of making cuts from the mouth. In other cases, the use of tissue simulating proteins is employed for the purposes of encouraging the body’s natural ability to generate bone and tissue. These are some of the options that are available for correcting gum recession and improving ones looks. The choices are primarily based on the availability of the tissue within the mouth and in some case the choice of the patient and the doctor.

However, after the graft or surgery if you experience bleeding that does not stop even after applying pressure for 20 minutes or pain and swelling within the area, then you will need to contact your dentist. Nevertheless, the healing should be easy and without complication. On the other hand, you need to have reputable dentistry for the procedure to ensure that you get quality work from the professional.

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