What are Dental Veneers Types, Procedure & Benefits?

What are Dental Veneers Types, Procedure & Benefits?

April 1, 2022

Having discolored, chipped, or broken teeth make it more difficult to have a fuller smile. This is not the case anymore. With dental veneers, you can be able to smile once again as the thin tooth-colored shells are installed at the front of your teeth, improving the appearance of your teeth.

Smaller than average teeth can also be made to appear bigger and more appealing with the attachment of these dental veneers. Let us look at the various types of dental veneers, the procedure of getting them fixed, and some of their benefits.

Types of Dental Veneers

The common types of dental veneers are listed below:

Porcelain Veneers

The most common substance used to make dental veneers is porcelain and composite resin. Ceramic materials which are stain-resistant are used to make porcelain veneers. Before your dentist in Merrifield, VA can attach the porcelain veneers; they will have to shape and color the remaining tooth structure by 0.5-mm or greater. After doing so, the natural tooth is replaced with a bonding agent and a porcelain shell.

Composite Veneers

An alternative to porcelain veneers is composite ones. The material used to make tooth-colored cavity fillings is composite veneers. They are an alternative to porcelain veneers as they are slightly cheaper. You can have this type of dental veneer fixed within the same day. The longevity of composite veneers is between five to seven years.

Palatal Veneers

Another type of dental veneer is palatal veneers. They are used to restore the front teeth. Palatal veneers are used to prevent dental erosion and deep biting.


Lumineers are translucent types of veneers that recreate the shape and color of your natural tooth enamel.

The Procedure of Getting Dental Veneers

After our Saturday Dentist takes an impression of your teeth, it takes between a week or two before the dentist can attach them to your teeth. Once your dental veneers are ready, the dentist will look at the shape, color, and how the veneers fit in your teeth.

Next, the dentist will use a grinding tool to make a rough texture on each tooth where the veneer will be attached. The veneer will attach to the tooth more easily due to this. The veneer is then attached to the tooth using dental cement by your dentist.

What are the Benefits of Dental Veneers?

Here are the advantages of getting dental veneers:

  • The main benefit of dental veneers is the improved appearance of your teeth. When your Saturday dentist attaches veneers to the front of your teeth, you have a fuller smile as all your teeth appear equal in size and shape. This means that dental veneers give a natural appearance to teeth.
  • Another benefit of having dental veneers is that they are stain-resistant, and this means that your teeth are protected from sticky foods and juices that lead to teeth discoloration.
  • Compared to other dental restoration treatments, getting dental veneers is less invasive. Patients require little to no anesthetic for this treatment, and the effects are instantly noticeable when the veneers are bonded in place.
  • Porcelain veneers are stain-resistant and decay-resistant. This makes them better than real teeth. This is because they are non-porous and therefore can resist stains and cavities as compared to the natural tooth’s porous enamel. Therefore there is the entry of germs and bacteria.
  • It is also important to note that dental veneers are durable with minimal care. The same way you care for your natural teeth is how you should care for your veneers. For example, brushing your teeth and regular flossing, accompanied by regular checkups, will ensure your veneers last for ten to fifteen years.
  • If you have reduced enamel due to over brushing and overconsumption of acidic foods, veneers are suitable for enamel loss. There is no rejuvenation of worn-out enamel, but veneers are a long-lasting, visually beautiful alternative to the enamel.


Patients who have worked with Drummond Dental Care consider dental veneers to be a valuable investment. This is because the dental veneers are used to achieve vital goals, ranging from enamel replacement teeth whitening to improving your smile.

Even though veneers are way more expensive than some other cosmetic dental procedures available today, people believe it is a worthy investment. The majority of patients report an increase in self-confidence due to getting dental veneers, which is invaluable.

Looking to get dental veneers in Merrifield, VA, you can call or book your appointment with Drummond Dental Care today!

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