Dental Implants Explained: How Do They Work? Are they Safe?

Dental Implants Explained: How Do They Work? Are they Safe?

April 1, 2021

Dental implants are well-formed structures or artificial tooth roots used by dentists to restore a tooth that is missing. You can permanently fix a replacement tooth or one you can remove because of the rigidity and convenience a dental implant provides. Just as a strong building foundation is, so is a dental implant.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Although you can’t compare dental implants to a natural tooth structure, they still possess striking attributes that make them more desirable. Below are some advantages that come along with a dental implant.

Striking Appearance

A dental implant is quite similar to your natural teeth, both in looks and feel. Dental implants have a striking resemblance to natural teeth. Moreover, if you replace your tooth with these implants, they can permanently stay because it binds with the bone firmly.

All-round Oral Health Enhancement

When you have a dental implant fixed on a spot, the rest of your teeth don’t have to be reduced unlike when you have tooth-aided bridges and dentures. Dental implant treatments are done without altering any teeth close to the intended area of the implant. This ensures that most of your teeth remain untouched. This way, there will be all-around oral health enhancement.

Additionally, oral hygiene is improved as dental implants, especially individual implants, permits one to wander through the teeth easily.


They are built to last quite long. Proper care and maintenance can keep these implants functioning for ages. These implants replace missing teeth, so their durability is what anyone wants as it won’t be often changed.

Eating is Easy

A set of sliding teeth or dentures can make eating tough, especially when chewing. The same way your natural teeth function when eating is the same way dental implants do. With these implants, you’re able to eat comfortably.

Increased Comfort

These dental implants will feel just like your natural teeth. The disturbance that comes with removable dentures will be terminated by implants, which feels natural.

Increased Self-worth

Loss of teeth can decrease the value of your smile, especially when the affected spot is quite visible. However, implants bring back that confidence. This way, you will feel great about yourself.

How are Implants Done?

Dentists in Fairfax are many; dentists are available with many specialties. Aside from the general dentists, there are cosmetic dentists, periodontitis, etc. So, for dental implants, it’s advisable to meet an expert in such an area.

Finding a dentist in Fairfax is simple, you only to search on the internet for dentist near you or if you are in Fairfax just search for Fairfax dentist.

Firstly, professionals or skilled dentists develop and prepares a plan for the intended treatment. This plan is individualized and meets the needs of the patient needs. They consider a suitable implant for you when providing dental care.

A titanium implant that serves as a tooth root is then placed 1is then fixed into the bone socket of your jaw. The jaw bone will then heal around the metal, making it firmly fixed. It will take about 6-12 weeks for the jaw to fully heal.

The next thing is to place an abutment for you to attach the tooth. A model of your bite is used to make the new teeth. It has to be made from your natural teeth’ appearance. The dentist will then fix the replacement tooth on the abutment that was fixed earlier. This abutment connects the crown (replacement tooth) to the titanium implant.

Are they Safe? What are the Risks?

Generally, these implants are safe and have high success rates. However, success rates differ when considering the area of the jawbone where the implant will occur.

In summary, if you are either having a full dental implant treatment or an individual, it’s safe to do. As long as these dental implants in Fairfax are available, there would always be a replacement of missing teeth. Nevertheless, implants can be maintained the same way you do to your natural teeth. Call us now to book an appointment with our dentist near you and learn more about dental implants. We also welcome patients from surrounding areas like Westwood Park, Idylwood, Pine Ridge, Fairlee, Adahi Road Southeast, and Nicosh Lane.

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