Are Dental Implants The Best Option For Replacing Missing Teeth?

Are Dental Implants The Best Option For Replacing Missing Teeth?

May 1, 2020

Tooth loss can occur due to many reasons ranging from injury, gum disease, tooth decay, or a genetic condition. Regardless of the cause for the missing teeth if you are looking for replacing a missing tooth or making some adjustments to the overall appearance of your mouth you can find different treatments available to accomplish your goal.

Speaking to the dentist near me about tooth replacement options will get you information that you can consider dental implants, a fixed dental bridge, or removable partial dentures. You can consider one among the three depending on your situation and the kind of investment you are prepared to make for the replacement. However, if you want a semi-permanent replacement that will remain with you for decades and is considered as one of the best available you will find it difficult to overlook dental implants for many reasons. Let us look at the reasons why you should not ignore dental implants for other tooth replacement options.

Why Consider Dental Implants?

When you need to replace a single tooth or several teeth in different areas of your mouth dental implants are the best option that will be available to you. The treatment requires mounting a titanium metal post surgically into your jawbone in the upper or lower jaw. A replacement tooth will then be mounted on the implant which allows the tooth to stay in place. A dental implant is considered the best because it provides a permanent base for the replacement tooth.

The costs of the dental implant will vary after taking different factors into consideration. However, the average cost of a single implant can be between $ 3000-$ 6000.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

The replacement tooth on dental implants look and feel like a natural tooth and can last for decades. You will not encounter any difficulties with the replacement tooth because it would have been attached to the implant inserted surgically that would have integrated with your jawbone. Your neighboring teeth will not be affected by the replacement tooth as it is common with a fixed bridge ensuring that your other teeth remain intact even after the placement.

The Disadvantages of Dental Implants

Surgery will be required to have dental implants placed in your mouth and therefore you must be in good physical health for the surgical procedure and the recovery. The healing process can take several months and the dentist in Fairfax will not attach the replacement tooth until the dental implant has healed completely.

Furthermore, dental implants are the most expensive method for replacing a missing tooth. Some insurance providers may cover part of the procedure but you will be responsible for deductibles and co-pays.

You will be required to visit the dentist performing the procedure several times from the beginning of the procedure until the replacement tooth is attached. You may even require bone grafting if you do not have adequate jawbone to support the implant.

Other Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

If you cannot afford the high costs of dental implants and consider other options the Saturday dentist in Fairfax may suggest a fixed dental bridge that can bridge a gap created by the missing tooth. These are cheaper than dental implants but can improve the appearance of your natural teeth.

However, fixed bridges can be difficult to clean around the tooth and underneath the bridge. They also require altering the shape of your existing teeth because a poorly fitted bridge can gradually damage the adjacent teeth over time. Plaque and bacteria can also accumulate under the bridge to cause tooth decay or any other infection.

Another affordable option may be suggested to you by the emergency dentist in Fairfax in the form of removable partial dentures. However, you may find them uncomfortable until you become accustomed to wearing them. Moreover, dentures must be removed for cleaning regularly making them susceptible to damage because of the constant handling.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are affixed into your mouth and just need you to maintain proper oral hygiene to take care of them. They have a success rate of approximately 95% and despite being expensive are the best tooth replacement options currently available. Therefore you must decide carefully after consulting with your dentist to prefer an option that will last with you for a lifetime with regular brushing and care.

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