5 Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

5 Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

February 1, 2020

With the advancement of dentistry, the agony for dental ailments has reduced effectively. Teeth are an integral part of human functionality. Apart from being a vital part of the digestive system, teeth also increase your aesthetic value. A bright smile with sparkling white teeth can enhance your confidence level.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a composition of a sequence of treatments that involves the identification of the infected pulp and the elimination of the infection. The final step consists of the protection of the contaminated tooth from further microbial contamination. If cavities are formed, the same is filled with dental fillings. Vastly experienced dentists provide root canal treatment in Fairfax.

When the pulp and underlying nerves get infected, you can experience severe pain and agony. The root canal treatment can be termed as a dental emergency and needs immediate attention. Fairfax dentists are well trained to handle such a dental emergency.

Root canal treatments are highly successful and long lasting. Unlike other dental treatments as teeth whitening or dental veneers, the root canal treatment has higher longevity.

Although the expenditure for root canaling is higher than the other dental treatments, the same is covered by leading health insurance firms.

Maintain good oral hygiene by brushing twice daily, or use of anti-microbial mouthwash can do wonders to keep dental infection away.

Myths about Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment might seem scary with the involvement of surgical items, but numerous misconceptions exist. The myths about root canal treatment might seem scary, but on the contrary, the process is smooth and less-frightening.

#1: Root Canal Treatment is Painful

The procedure is administered under local anesthesia, so the whole process is virtually pain-free. On the contrary, the root canal treatment removes the source of tooth ache and relieves you of the persistent agony that you were experiencing.

The minimal pain that is experienced after the process is much lesser as compared to the agony and discomfort that was prevalent. The recovery time is also less, and the discomfort is also minimal. Root canal treatment is so common that at least 14 million root canal treatments are performed every year.

#2: Tooth Extraction is Better Than Root Canal

It is always better t save a natural tooth than to go for dental bridges. When you have the option to save a natural tooth, why extract it for something artificial? If you remove a tooth without extensive planning to replace them effectively, you might be suffering from malocclusion.

Instead of deciding on your own, it is better to visit an endodontist and figure out the treatment that suits you best.

#3: Root Canal is Necessary for All Toothaches

Toothaches can be caused due to cavities, gum disease, a chipped or broken tooth, or even non-dental reasons as sinus. A root canal is administered when the pulp gets infected. So, all toothaches do not need root canal treatment.

All infected teeth do not give you toothaches. So, it’s a myth that root canaling is to be done for toothache. You might need a root canal if the pulp gets infected badly, but you might not experience a toothache.

#4: Root Canal Treatment is Not Successful

This myth can be corrected with statistics. According to the American Association of Endodontists, root canal treatment has a success rate of 95%. If you can maintain good oral hygiene and keep the gums and its surrounding healthy, the natural teeth can last a lifetime.

#5: Some Illness is caused by Root Canal Treatment

Some believe that root canal treatment is harmful and might cause illness in the body. Root canal treatments are done to get rid of the infections and microbial, causing the infection. The rumor floated by Dr. Weston Price in 1910 claimed that endodontically treated teeth could make patients susceptible to infections, but the same has been proven to be flawed.

Dismiss the Myths

Facts are stranger than fiction. You can bypass these myths and concentrate on having root canal treatment. At Drummond Dental Care, you can get comprehensive treatment of your tooth. With flexible schedules, you can e treated at your convenient time.

Our endodontists are friendly and possess experience of over 20 years. With the utilization of advanced technology, the best available treatment is provided at Drummond Dental Care.

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