4 Important Facts to Know about Gum Grafting

4 Important Facts to Know about Gum Grafting

December 1, 2021

What is Gum Grafting?

Gum grafting is a procedure helping out with lost gum tissue to gum recession from periodontal infections. Gum recession or pulling the gums away from the teeth gradually to expose the tooth’s roots. The gum tissues in your mouth are not regenerative. Therefore they leave you with an ungainly smile showing off too large or too small teeth. If you are affected by gum recession, you can help yourself by visiting our dentist near you to consult how best you can improve your appearance.

After examining your teeth and gums, our dentist might recommend gum grafting as a suitable procedure to improve the appearance of your smile while simultaneously enhancing your oral health by covering the exposed tooth’s roots.

Gum grafting strengthens your gums, and your gums protect your teeth from the effects of gum recession. The procedure also reduces teeth sensitivity and gives your smile a better appearance. This article provides four crucial facts about gum grafting and includes information on how to hitch-free entirely.

Important Facts about Gum Grafting

1. Gum Grafting Surgery is Quick and Prevents Tooth Loss

After gum recession, you may notice differences in color between the tooth enamel and the roots. Even more significant is the problem of your tooth roots with nerve endings near the surface, causing sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.

Your tooth roots are not as durable as the tooth enamel, indicating that after they lose the protection of the gums, they are exposed to the risk of tooth decay. Therefore, unless you decide to undergo a gum graft in Fairfax, expect the recession to worsen to cause tooth loss eventually. Before offering a gum grafting operation, our dentist provides therapy for any disorder or infection that causes gum recession.

There is no need for you to fear gum grafting because our dentist in Fairfax, VA, completes the surgical procedure by removing some healthy gum tissue from the roof of your mouth and adding it to the area where your gums have receded. Most patients undergoing gum grafting surgery experience a quick and straightforward surgical procedure as a minor gum grafting procedure requires merely about 90 minutes to complete.

2. Surgical Procedure for Gum Grafting

The gum grafting surgery is suitable for you if you have receding gums. The surgical procedure is safe and effective and remarkably improves your oral health, allowing you to return home on the same day. However, if you need sedation, you must make arrangements for transportation to drive you back home.

The gum tissue heals in approximately four to eight weeks, depending on the type of gum graft surgery you underwent. The surgical procedure also determines the kind of discomfort you may experience after gum grafting. For example, if you had tissue taken from your palate might experience discomfort for a few days. However, our Fairfax dentist recommends pain medications to manage your discomfort during the recovery process.

3. Complications from the Gum Grafting

If your gum grafting was handled by a skilled professional like our dentist in Fairfax, rest assured the process is entirely safe, and you may experience no complications. However, if you notice any oozing of leading from the graft site, contact our dentist for help without wasting time. In rare cases, the grafted tissue may not correctly adapt to the grafting site. In such cases, you may need to have the procedure performed again by our dentist. After your gums heal, you can talk to our dentist about reshaping the gum tissue if you don’t like their appearance. Dentists can help you modify the tissue to make it appear more pleasing.

4. How Much Will Gum Grafting Cost?

Gum grafting costs anywhere between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. Insurance companies do not cover gum grafting procedures unless the surgery is required for medical reasons.

Many people are undergoing gum grafting to improve the appearance of their teeth and smile. Unfortunately, insurance providers are reluctant to cover cosmetic procedures.

With nearly 70 percent of American adults suffering from mild to severe gum disease, you can expect gum recession to have affected quite a few. However, when these people consider gum grafting, they receive full or partial coverage from their insurance providers. Therefore depending on the reasons why you are considering gum grafting, you must prepare yourself physically and financially for the procedure that can set you back by a few dollars.


If you want to undergo gum grafting in Fairfax, you can call or book an appointment with Drummond Dental Care for hassle-free oral care services.

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